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About Us

Welcome to NDA REVIVE. Professional Interior Restoration is our Specialism. We are a family run Interior Restoration Company managed by Noel. We take pride in restoring all types of stone Floor and Wall Surfacing.

On offer is a Professional Cleaning and Restoration Service which can bring ‘Back to Life’ your marble, granite, travertine, or other stone floor. At NDA REVIVE we possess the expertise and tools necessary to grind, hone, polish and seal your natural stone. We use only the top of line cleaning equipment and the highest quality of diamond-tipped abrasive tools. Your granite, marble or other stone floor doesn’t just look better – it looks new again.

NDA Technicians

Our technicians are experienced in all aspects of restoration work. Many have trained with the Italian Company who supply our cleaning equipment. We are a committed team of people who can carry out all the work needed to restore your floor and/or wall surface back to its best possible finish.

NDA REVIVE bring sheen and shine back to dull and dismal floors. We give the very best service and deliver excellent results. Nothing is unachievable!

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